Tapas tour

    • Duration: approximately 3-4 hours

Walk through the streets of old Barcelona, immerse in the city’s history & try authentic tapas from the different regions of Spain. All paired with wine. Savor and indulge in some of our favorite foodie haunts and visit historic Barcelona. Stroll along the historic streets of the city with a knowledgeable guide while tasting Spanish wines and Spain’s culinary treasures. You will visit the famous market of La Boqueria, the best one in Barcelona. There you will enjoy the activity, the variety of products, contrasts of colors, aromas… a perfect start to understand why the Spanish gastronomy is so well internationally known. Afterwards, you will be led to Barcelona’s most famous street, Las Ramblas. The atmosphere here is singular. Off you go to the gothic quarter, where you will discover architecture, language and gastronomy that are unique in Spain and some of the gourmet shops over 100 years old. Spanish gastronomy is very diverse and you will be shown some of our finest representatives in tapas.

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