Montserrat tour

    • Duration: 6 hours

If you wish to spend some time out of Barcelona and see some spectacular views, be close to nature and on top of that see some magical buildings and culture, Montserrat is the place for you. Enjoy the picturesque drive along Llobergat River to the foot of the impressive Montserrat Mountain, and then up to the sanctuary that is 2380 feet above sea level with your private transport. A professional guide will enlighten you with all the stories and facts about Montserrat. There is a Benedictine Monastery that is nearly 1000 years old, a basilica with the Chapel of Our Lady of Montserrat, the patron saint of Catalonia and a beautiful library of nearly 30.000 volumes.

This 5-hour lasting tour will give you views you will never forget. Sitges and Tarragona tour will get deeper into the Roman history and seeing some of the beautiful buildings and statues from that era. A professional guide will take you back in time and walk together in the footsteps of the gladiators when visiting the Roman Amphitheatre and the Roman Circus. Besides that you will see the beautiful Cathedral in Tarragona’s old Quarter. You will also pass the medieval bridge Pont del Diable.

Enjoy Roc de Sant Gaieta where we will have a brief afternoon stop. Take in the old Romanesque and Gothic architecture of this fisher’s town. To end all this we will go to Sitges to enjoy the beautiful beaches and their magical view. Besides that you can enjoy the wide range of outdoor bars and restaurants to revive from this day. Private transport will be available for you and take you to all these beautiful places during this 8-hour tour.

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