Lounge Bar restaurant

A stylish way to celebrate your Hen party

…elements of East & West, producing new techniques in Fusion cooking. Then dance the night away as it converts into an elegant club to its renowned DJ’s bringing the ultimate in sounds — from funk, to RnB and House.

Choose to dine from one of 5 areas


Surrounded by giant bamboo canes, this is a secluded area cocooned by its stalks. Ideal for those seeking a more private dinner. SALA

Extensive area, looking out the windows to beach views. LOUNGE

Chill on the comfortable sofas, eating lavishly off trays in privacy and comfort. VIP

Priviliged area with panoramic views of the interior, the terrace and the Mediterranean. TERRACE

Unforgettable views and the ocean breeze. Perfect to enjoy a cocktail before dining exquisitely. OPTIONAL

After the meal, before the action in the club really heats up, enjoy a cocktail at the first ice bar in the world which is located at the beach! This bar is created completely out of ice!!!

Before entering this bar with temperatures of just -8 degrees Celsius you are provided with warm clothing and gloves. Inside, you are given delicious cocktails presented in glasses made out of ice and wander around, or sit on ice benches, while looking at art created by ice carvers from all over the world.

Phone: +34 930 176 997
Email: info@barcelonavibes.com
Address: Carrer Pallars 141, 7E, 08019 Barcelona, Spain