• Participants: from 8 people
    • location: indoor karting

Feel the adrenaline and sort the men out from the boys

Karting- Always having trouble with keeping to the speed limit? Or just want to do something different and feel the adrenaline? Go karting with your friends and finally separate the men from the boys! Our guide will accompany you with private transport and take you to one of the most advanced technological tracks in Europe. This challenging track with hairpin bends, a start grid, bridge, tunnel, and an on-site bar to celebrate your victory (or drown your sorrows in defeat!) is perfect for a competitive group to have a great time. Since it is fully computerised, all race times are registered and timesheets are printed so you can see who recorded the fastest laps (and the slowest!). Upon return to Barcelona a free beer is given.

Phone: +34 930 176 997
Email: info@barcelonavibes.com
Address: Carrer Pallars 141, 7E, 08019 Barcelona, Spain