Ice Bar

    • Suggested time: afternoon/evening

The first ice bar in the world is Ice Bar Barcelona, which is located at the beach ! Visiting Icebarcelona is a promise to a unique experience by entering a bar completely created out of ice! Before entering this bar with temperatures of just -8 degrees Celsius you are provided with warm clothing and gloves. Inside, you are given delicious cocktails presented in glasses made out of ice and wander around, or sit on ice benches, while looking at art created by ice carvers from all over the world. Bedazzle your senses and come to visit us to experience it all and realize that our words are less powerful than your own senses! After visiting the Ice Bar Barcelona you can sit on the terrace with ocean views and friendly staff.

Phone: +34 930 176 997
Address: Carrer Pallars 141, 7E, 08019 Barcelona, Spain