The Influencers festival

The 26.-28. of october, The Influencers festival will take place in Barcelona – so if you are into unconventional art, guerrilla communiaction, radical entertainment or maybe just having a computer geek inside yourself, this is definealty an event you should experience. The festival has been taken place for more than 10 years now, and it has grown to become a well known cultural event in Barcelona.

Throughout the 3 days of the festival you can experience different lectures, artists, hacktivists and researchers sharing their thoughts and projects within this technological and furturistic world where everyday technology and imagination collides! The previous years the festival has among other things presented themes like pranksterism, online user culture, mass surveillance, collective Intelligence, hacker culture, just to name a few, and if you visit The Influencers website you can see who will attempt the festival this year (

This year the festival is hosting an internet flea market called “The internet Yami-Ichi”, which is a market that deals with internet stuff. The “Yami-Ichi” started back in 2012 in Tokyo and attracted people who was interested in selling, buying and trading unique internet objekts, and since then the market has mutated into many new cities throughout the years, fx Berlin, Moscow, New York, Brussels and Seoul – the “Yami-Ichi” was also a part of The Influencers festival last year, and it was a great succes!

Take a friend or maybe a business partner for this event, and prepare yourself to be amazed and inspired! This event is perfect for the curious person who loves to explore, with a mind where only the imagination sets the limits.

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