La Mercé

This week, Barcelona’s biggest annual festival, “La Mercé”, is taking place from friday the 22nd of September, until Monday the 25th of September, 2017. La Mercé origins is religious, and the festival basically celebrates Barcelona’s patron saint, the Virgin of La Mercé – meaning; the Virgin of mercy. The festival is an important cultural celebration to the Catalan people, and it is presenting Catalan traditions and folklore throughout the week – besides this, there will also be many concerts and parades to observe.

One of the cultural events of the “La Mercé” festival is what you in Catalan call “Castell”, which means castle, another term used to describe this sport is “Human tower”. This is a traditional sport of Catalonia, and it is possible to observe the “Human tower” in action during the festival.

One of the most popular parades of the festival is the “Correfoc”, also called the “Fire-run”, where you will see devils take over the streets and light fireworks. This should not be missed, but watched carefully, due to the fireworks running all over the street during this parade. A good advide; do not wear your best outfit.

Another popular parade of the “La Mercé” festival, is the “Ball of the giants”, which is a really impressive parade of giant figures passing through the streets to music, the parade is overwhelming and fun to watch!

Through the festival, a lot of museums opens up for free, and why not take advantage of this opportunity? Most of the museums has one day of the festival, where they open the doors free for everyone, and some even opens Monday, even though it is a bank holiday.

If you visit the official homepage of “La Mercé”, you can get an overview of the full program of the festival.

And to everyone who is participating in “La Mercé”, happy festival!

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