• Barcelona Vibes: official partner of the Zurich Barcelona Marathon

    Barcelona Vibes: official partner of the Zurich Barcelona Marathon

    We are happy to announce that we are the official partners of the Zurich Barcelona Marathon, which will take place in Barcelona on March 11, 2018. If you want to participate to one of the top Marathons in the world, you can book through Barcelona Vibes and you will get a discounted price before February 12, 2018.
    Remember that we can also provide you with transfer services, accommodation, and other types of tours and activities during your stay in Barcelona. For more information, visit our website and send us an email at .
    Looking forward to see you soon runners!

  • The Influencers festival

    The 26.-28. of october, The Influencers festival will take place in Barcelona – so if you are into unconventional art, guerrilla communiaction, radical entertainment or maybe just having a computer geek inside yourself, this is definealty an event you should experience. The festival has been taken place for more than 10 years now, and it has grown to become a well known cultural event in Barcelona.

    Throughout the 3 days of the festival you can experience different lectures, artists, hacktivists and researchers sharing their thoughts and projects within this technological and furturistic world where everyday technology and imagination collides! The previous years the festival has among other things presented themes like pranksterism, online user culture, mass surveillance, collective Intelligence, hacker culture, just to name a few, and if you visit The Influencers website you can see who will attempt the festival this year (

    This year the festival is hosting an internet flea market called “The internet Yami-Ichi”, which is a market that deals with internet stuff. The “Yami-Ichi” started back in 2012 in Tokyo and attracted people who was interested in selling, buying and trading unique internet objekts, and since then the market has mutated into many new cities throughout the years, fx Berlin, Moscow, New York, Brussels and Seoul – the “Yami-Ichi” was also a part of The Influencers festival last year, and it was a great succes!

    Take a friend or maybe a business partner for this event, and prepare yourself to be amazed and inspired! This event is perfect for the curious person who loves to explore, with a mind where only the imagination sets the limits.

  • La Mercé

    This week, Barcelona’s biggest annual festival, “La Mercé”, is taking place from friday the 22nd of September, until Monday the 25th of September, 2017. La Mercé origins is religious, and the festival basically celebrates Barcelona’s patron saint, the Virgin of La Mercé – meaning; the Virgin of mercy. The festival is an important cultural celebration to the Catalan people, and it is presenting Catalan traditions and folklore throughout the week – besides this, there will also be many concerts and parades to observe.

    One of the cultural events of the “La Mercé” festival is what you in Catalan call “Castell”, which means castle, another term used to describe this sport is “Human tower”. This is a traditional sport of Catalonia, and it is possible to observe the “Human tower” in action during the festival.

    One of the most popular parades of the festival is the “Correfoc”, also called the “Fire-run”, where you will see devils take over the streets and light fireworks. This should not be missed, but watched carefully, due to the fireworks running all over the street during this parade. A good advide; do not wear your best outfit.

    Another popular parade of the “La Mercé” festival, is the “Ball of the giants”, which is a really impressive parade of giant figures passing through the streets to music, the parade is overwhelming and fun to watch!

    Through the festival, a lot of museums opens up for free, and why not take advantage of this opportunity? Most of the museums has one day of the festival, where they open the doors free for everyone, and some even opens Monday, even though it is a bank holiday.

    If you visit the official homepage of “La Mercé”, you can get an overview of the full program of the festival.

    And to everyone who is participating in “La Mercé”, happy festival!

  • 5 reasons why you should visit Barcelona during the fall!

    5 reasons why you should visit Barcelona during the fall!

    The summer of 2017 is official over, and we have entered the first month of the fall, september. Most people are back from their holidays, and the busy vibe of the summer in Barcelona is slowly fading out.

    There is no doubt that Barcelona is a beautiful place to visit during the summer, but how is it to visit this popular disination during the fall? Here at the office, we personally love Barcelona in the fall, and we have gathered 5 reasons why you should visit Barcelona this time a year.

    1. There is tourists all year around in Barcelona, do to the popularity of the city. But Barcelona is especially busy throughout the summer, and has lots of tourists visiting, but as the high season comes to an end in september, you will see less tourist, which makes you free to explore the city while it’s not overcrowded.

    2. In the fall Barcelona offers loads of free concerts, all from Jazz, pop to reggae! With all these different genre of music, it should be possible for everyone to find some music after their liking. One of the biggest festivals in Barcelona, is the “La Mercè” street festival on the 22-25 of september, 2017. The festival offers many free events and activities, such as concerts and parades.

    3. Throughtout the summer in Barcelona, the humidity can get really high, which most of all invites you to cool of on the beach. But when entering the fall, the humidity disappears and the temperature drops to around 15-21 degrees, which makes the weather perfect for sightseeing.

    4. Beachdays isnt over yet! The temperature is getting lower, but during september there are still some beachdays left, so it is still possible to combine a city/beach holiday in Barcelona during september.

    5. Through the summer period, a lot of Barcelonas polular restaurants are closed, because of vacation and such like. Many of these restaurants usually open up again in the beginning of september – so if you love travelling for food, this is important to be aware of.

    So if you have thought about visiting Barcelona during the fall, don’t hesitate! It is a beautiful and vibrant city that needs to be explored.

  • Sant Jordi

    Sant Jordi

    Roses, books and romanticism, that’s what Barcelona is all about on the 23rd of April.
    Last Sunday we celebrated Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalonia. This man was the hero in the legend of Sant Jordi where he saved the king’s daughter by killing a dragon. Out of the spilt blood of the dragon grew a bush of red roses and flowers. Since the 8th century, Sant Jordi is venerated in this whole region and the legend still remains extremely important in Catalonia. Many attractions, such as Casa Batlló, are decorated with roses and all streets are filled with red roses. Traditionally, the boys would give a rose to the girls, while the girls would give a book to the boys in return. Nowadays however, everybody gets roses and books. Walking down the Ramblas while checking the numerous books in Spanish and Catalan is a must during the day of Sant Jordi.

  • Poble Espanyol

    Poble Espanyol

    The Spanish town or, Pueblo Español, located on the Montjuich hill, was first built for the World Exhibition in 1929. Used as an open-air museum with specific architecture from the different Spanish
    regions with contemporary art and handicraft shops became an enjoyable place for everybody, both the locals and the people visiting. This little town really is alive due to many events that are organised during the whole year. Weddings, concerts, festivals and workshops are only a few examples of the endless list. This unique combination of characterised houses and a great atmosphere makes it a place to absolutely visit during your stay in Barcelona. This unique location is also ideal for our cooking workshops. Right next to the main square we’ve got a beautiful place where you will be accompanied by well-experienced chefs, a pleasant atmosphere and delicious ingredients to create a tasteful paella or tapas dish. A truly must do if you want to experience the real Catalan culinary art!

  • Las Canaletas

    Las Canaletas

    In the beginning of La Rambla you can find this tiny, non-remarkable fountain which is named ‘la Fuente de Canaletas’. At first sight, most people just walk by without knowing the value of this place. But how can we blame you if nobody tells it? After this little explanation you’ll definitely need to have a look next time you pass by. As you all probably know, football is highly important in Barcelona, and so is the celebration after. But what has this fountain to do with the football history of Barcelona? Well this Canaletas Fountain is used as the meeting place for the celebration of victories of FC Barcelona. Every time when Barcelona wins, the Ramblas is entirely filled with people celebrating the victory all night long with beers, flags and a lot of noise. It truly is an incredible spectacle that you can’t miss! But keep this in mind: you won’t be home before next morning!

  • Sant Joan

    Image Source

    What is Sant Joan?

    Sant Joan Festival is one of the most important celebrations of the year in Barcelona. It’s celebrated on the 23th of June, which is the longest day of the year. On the night of Sant Joan the sun reaches its highest point, before beginning to drop. The sun is considered to be the symbol of fertility and wealth, and therefore it must be given strength, which is provided by bonfires and fireworks. The next day, 24th of June is the actual day of the feast, and it’s a public bank holiday, and most of the stores and restaurants are closed.

    What happens during Sant Joan?

    In Catalan the night is described as “ Nit del Foc “, which means “the Night of Fire”. The city is filled with little temporary shops that are selling fireworks for the festival, and the bakeries are full of the traditional dish of Sant Joan, called Coque, which is a kind of a bread that can be found sweet and savoury. The locals usually organize their own parties with their friends and family, but if you don’t have a party to join to, the most common place for people to celebrate it, is the beach. During the evening and night people gathers around the beach, where there are firework displays, dancers and musicians. A lot of people continue partying until the sunrise.

    The feast of Sant Joan is one the most exciting time of the year to visit Barcelona, you can feel the people’s eagerness towards the start of the summer. The night of Sant Joan is magnificent and filled with excitement and people, both young and old, making the most of the feast! Don’t miss this while in Barcelona and head to the streets with your friends!

  • Romantic things to do in Barcelona

    Romantic things to do in Barcelona

    Are you traveling to Barcelona with your loved one? Maybe you would like to surprise her / him with a romantic day filled with love, delicious food, and amazing spots of the magical city! Below we listed some of our favorite romantic things to do and see!


    What could be a better way to spend a day with your loved one than taking a biking tour together and seeing the amazing city from a whole new perspective. By biking you will be able to see more places and interact with the city in a much more authentic way.

    Image Source

    Wander around Parc de Ciutadella

    Don’t miss the beautiful park of Ciutadella, you can have a little picnic with strawberries and champagne there. Go and enjoy the gorgeous architecture and relaxed atmosphere of the park!

    Image Source

    Enjoying the beach

    The city is known for it’s beautiful beaches so why not enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. You can either just relax and take a siesta, or do some beach activities such as stand up paddling or beach volleyball, the beaches offer a wide variety of different kind of activities for each and everyone’s taste.

    Image Source

    Watch the sunset

    Bunker del Carmel is the best viewpoint in Barcelona, it offers a 360 view over the city! It’s the perfect spot to enjoy the incredible sunset! Bring some drinks and snacks with you and have a perfectly romantic evening with your loved one.

    Image Source

    Drinks on a rooftop

    Barcelo Raval Hotel has a magnificent rooftop with unbeatable views over the city, the rooftop offers a 360 view, you can enjoy one drink while looking to the sea and one looking at the mountains! On top of the amazing views, the rooftop bar makes the most exclusive cocktails.

    Image by Barcelona Vibes

    See the Magic Fountains of Montjuic

    The Magic fountain is an incredible collection of waterfalls and ponds on Avinguda Maria Cristina. During the summer time from Thursday to Sunday at 21:00 to 23:30, there is a series of fountain shows with beautiful music and lights. This is something that can’t be missed!

    Image by Barcelona Vibes

    Stroll around the old town

    Gotico and Born are the most romantic parts of the city, they are filled with adorable cafes and bars. Wander around the cutest narrow streets and find some of the most unique buildings and charming plazas!

    Image Source

    Dine in a nice restaurant

    For dinner we highly recommend a restaurant called El Pla Carrer de Bellafila 5. This restaurant is known for its romantic and cozy atmosphere with an amazingly welcoming staff that will make your dining experience exquisite. This restaurant is specialized in mediterranean dishes and each dish is displayed in a very beautiful way. Check their menu here.

    Contact us for more information and start planning your romantic getaway today!

  • Why do we love Barcelona?

    We asked people who live in Barcelona: “Why do they love Barcelona so much, what makes it such a special city and what are the best things about living here!” Above we have listed all of the reasons!

    Image Source

    ” An international city but staying near its roots! ”
    ” Barcelona has an artsy and chilled atmosphere that everybody loves! ”
    “ Everyday you see something new, you experience something new and you meet someone new! “
    “ The combination of city and seaside! “
    “ It has beaches, snow, culture, lively night life, design, and life for all typed of people! “
    “ Barcelona offers something for everyone! “
    “ Eating out is rather cheap! “
    “ Easy to fly here and from here to everywhere! “
    “ Pleasant and easy to move from one place to another within the city. “
    “ It’s never boring! “
    “ There is always something going on! ”
    “ Breathtakingly beautiful architecture! “
    “ The city isn’t too massive! “
    “ The weather is amazing! “
    “ The local beer, Moritz is great! “
    “ Barcelona is a meeting point for people with completely different backgrounds! “
    “ Barcelona has an open-minded and tolerant atmosphere! “

    The list could go on and on, there are so many reasons why this city is simply one of the best cities in the world. After all, Barcelona has been ranked as the best beach city in the world, according to National Geographic.

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