Picasso Workshop

    • duration: 4/5 hours

The Picasso workshop is a very interactive experience; it is a good way for developing self-confidence, higher learning, working with individuals and for taking responsibility.

This workshop is aimed at people who are non-specialists and wish to develop their own confidence in this area and to demonstrate and build on the broader learning that takes place. The workshop will allow you to create a collage based on a famous piece of Picasso artwork and give you the experience and satisfaction of completing a great work of a masterpiece as your own.

Its added value is the use of recyclable materials, which makes of it a sustainable activity!

The objective is to create a collage based on the image of your colleague. Firstly, you will be split into groups and taken on a 30 minute Picasso tour of the city centre. The tour is an extremely informative historical look at the life of Picasso. Along the walk, your team must stay alert and be observant, as you will have to pick up various materials and objects, which represent the ‘spirit of Picasso’. Attention! The idea is to be as creative as possible and apply the waste hierarchy: reusing, recycling and reducing.

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